Off to the races!

Succulent Gardens — courtesy of Becky Young

Tomorrow my succulents and I will be at the Fort Erie Farmer’s Market. I have been prepping my table all week and even have a special outfit picked out. I guess you could say that I am pretty excited.

If you’re at the Market, stop by and say hi. And if you are interested in succulent gardening, here are some quick tips that will help make sure your plants have a long life:

Bright, but indirect. If your plant looks discoloured or bends significantly towards the sun, it needs more shade. If new growth is light green and elongated, it needs more light.

Room-temperature rainwater or distilled water is best. Never overwater. If leaves become too soft and droopy, you’re watering too much.

Daytime temperatures between 21-29C are ideal, however they can thrive with temps as low as 4C. Bring them indoors for the winter months.


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