First Day at the Market

Hats off to farmers everywhere! Well, independent ones anyway. After toiling morning, noon and night to grow their crops, they then have to harvest it and then take it to the market. As, I discovered yesterday, this involves getting up at the crack of dawn to load your product into your vehicle, along with your set-up gear, tables etc. After you make sure everything is secure and won’t get crushed on the first corner you take, it’s off to the races. Literally, since I was now the proud owner of a booth at the Fort Erie Racetrack Farmers Market.

Car all packed.

Car all packed.

We got there half hour before the market manager so couldn’t set up since she was the one who was assigning “the spot”. I had opted to go indoors since our collapsible tent and permanently collapsed about two years ago. 90 degree temperatures in the blazing sun made this a good decision.

When the manager finally arrived we got to work. We were allowed to pull right up to the doors to unload. Good job too because some of those planters were extremely heavy. By the time we had unloaded, Pat had to leave, he’s coaching my grandsons U12 soccer team and they were in a tournament in Buffalo, so I was on my own!100_1410100_1415

I spent the next hour setting up, good job I had done a trial setup earlier in the week. I was ready just in time, the first customers started coming in and heading my way. I’m not a salespersons at all, I let my planters do all the talking. People will either want one or they wont. The only thing I did to encourage purchasers was to offer a small free gift with purchase. I made a couple of sales within the first hour and then things slowed down, all the punters headed back to the track. A few people said they would be back at the end of the day, but, how often have you said that yourself at a craft show, just to be polite.

I spent the next couple of hours rearranging the table, reading a new book, and talking to the other vendors. Pat came back around four thirty, he spelled me for half an hour so I could go outside and see what was going on, and then he also went to bet on the horses and watch them run. He came back after the last race and a good job too. All those people that said they would be back, well, they came back and for the next hour I was extremely busy. Its true what they say – when it rains, it pours.

All in all, a good day at the track for nanajen!


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