My potting table

Woebegone. Did I really just write that?

“Operation central”

A good solid potting table is an essential piece of equipment for the avid gardener.  It’s  “operation central”.  Not only is it where I plant all my succulent containers, it’s a place to store everything that I use in the garden.  Woebegone the person that uses a gardening tool taken from the potting table and doesn’t return it to its home.

My husband Pat has a different gardening style from mine, he leaves his tools all over the yard. When he can’t find his string or scissors or trowel, guess where he goes? I can’t really complain though, since he is my main carpenter.



For this potting table, we actually had to buy wood from the local lumber store, but the rest was scavenged from here and there (“Re-purpose” should really be my middle name).  Discarded lattice work, two by fours, shutters and even left-over paint.

A good potting table has shelving to store pots and such, and a place to hang all your tools.  My last table had a recessed bowl, about 16 inches diameter that I used to mix and keep the soil I’m working with. I’m still trying to convince Pat to cut a big hole in this table.


Shelves. Lots of ’em.

This is where all the magic happens in my yard.  A place for everything and everything in its place. There is a rain barrel adjacent to the table, so access to a water supply is extremely convenient. I like everything within reach so I also keep large tubs of potting soil right underneath the table.100_2025

There you have it ladies (and gentlemen). If your husband isn’t very handy, get him to buy one instead!!


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