Redcoat Kevin

The redcoats are coming!

The redcoats are coming!

The War of 1812 is celebrated in a big way in this small town of Fort Erie. Last weekend we were invaded by hundreds of re-enactors and one little boy, who just absolutely loves this particular celebration of our town’s history.

Since I was looking after the kids the week leading up to the re-enactment, I decided that this year I would try and make a red coat costume for him.

First stop: the local thrift shop. We needed a red top, white pants, and black boots.

Spoils of...thrift shopping.

Spoils of…thrift shopping.

He already owns wooden long guns courtesy of granddad.

Guns. Don't tell mom.

Guns. Don’t tell mom.

All that was left were a few more items we easily found after poking around the house. 100_2130

Kevin proved to be the perfect model. He was very patient with me during the fittings, including the foot we needed to cut off the bottom of the pants (and subsequently turn into epaulets). Finding a belt we could cinch in enough to keep the pants from falling down also proved a bit of a challenge.

The red coat was just a red tee shirt tucked in at the front, left dangling at the back. The biggest task was the hat made out of Bristol board. But some gold tape and a few sparkles for the insignia did the trick.

The next day we spent some time applying finishing touches. Morgan was really into applying bedazzles and we decided we will make her a pioneer outfit for their annual school trip in October. Finally, there comes a point when you realise that the costume doesn’t need anything else and you’re done.

Being a soldier is serious business.

Being a soldier is serious business.

Off to the re-enactment. Next time I guess we need to include earplugs as part of the ensemble!




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