New Garage Door

Our house is a very fine house.

Our house is a very fine house.

We built this house 26 years ago. I still remember that “new house” smell. It was delicious. For the last 4 years we have been threatening to replace the garage door, since it has seen better days, but there always seemed to be something else that took precedence.

We have actually spent the last twelve months searching for that perfect door–at the right price of course. We were obsessed with them. We would find ourselves driving around new subdivisions taking pictures. We even went so far as to show off these pictures to anyone that would look, you know the way people feign interest when you show them your vacation pictures.

We had gone to the big box stores, but believe it or not they actually were more expensive than the small door businesses. About six weeks ago my husband approached a tradesperson–Canadian Door Doctor to be precise–who was installing a door in the neighbourhood.


Canadian Door Doctor to the rescue.

We visited the showroom, they had a great display, so we booked a door and today was installation day. No more old, worn out door for us.

Pat removed the house numbers last night, I don’t know why. We have no use for them. Sentimentality I guess.

Les numeros.

Les numeros.

Jim, the installation guy, was very courteous and professional. He got right down to work and in no time at all, the old door was gone, and the new one was installed.

The finishing touch was when he showed me how to work the garage door opener, because we have always opened the door the old-fashioned way, you know, by hand. Happiness is driving up to your garage and opening the door from the remote in your car.

You guessed it...tah-dah!

You guessed it…tah-dah!


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