The perfect cuppa

Tea time.

Tea time.

After 40 years of marriage Pat and I have consumed enormous quantities of tea. Most of it good, some, not so much

In that time, we have tried every brand that Canada has to offer, but there is only one brand of tea as far as this household is concerned, and that is Tetley tea.

There are cheaper brands out there, but when it comes to tea we don’t skimp. I have been known to buy boxes and boxes and boxes when it comes on sale. Sometimes, it takes up one whole cupboard.

The key to a good cup of tea is consistency, and I cant say this enough, Tetley tea is the only one to provide that. During the five years we ran a tea room, we offered many different kinds of tea and the one most asked for, was, you guessed it….Tetley.

A lot of people think that loose-leaf tea is the only way to go. I say phooey to that. When I was growing up (before they invented tea bags) I can remember choking on a single leaf. So, only teabags in this house.

Besides Tetley–I’m pretty sure I’ve made that point clear–here are my tips for a great cuppa:

  1. Bring the kettle to a rolling boil, pour over the bags in the pot and wait an appropriate amount of time. This will depend on how strong (or weak) you like your cuppa.
  2. Adding milk and sugar: I take my tea with milk, my husband needs a bit of sugar. Put this in the cup prior to pouring your delicious tea over it.
  3. Never bypass the teapot and put the teabag straight into the cup. Also, never use a coffee maker especially one that’s used to actually make coffee. The result will be revolting.

If you have watched any kind of British t.v. programming, you might have noticed that in times of stress, the English always fix things with a nice sweet cup of tea. Even if that stress was induced by breaking a leg.


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