4 Tips for Excellent Garage “Sailing”

Last week we had a garage-sailing hiatus to host a garage sale of our own, but this weekend. we were back to our regular routine. Here are my quick tips for making the most out of a weekend garage-sailing adventure.

  1. Research. I do a internet search the night before, so we have some idea where to start.  Don’t forget to clear your trunk out first.

    Trunk ready? Check!

    Trunk ready? Check!

  2. But don’t get too stuck on the “plan”. There are always impromptu sales along the way. If the sign is great, make a detour. If the sign is outdated, stick to your original plan.



  3. Watch for car-lined streets. This is *usually* the tell-tale sign of a garage sale. Usually. Once, Pat parked in a long lineup of cars and strolled into their yard.  I didn’t get out because I had seen the sign that it was a family reunion. When he came back to the car I was doubled over with laughter.

    I spy potential treasures awaiting.

    I spy potential treasures awaiting.

  4. Don’t judge a book by its cover. A lot of people will do a ‘drive-by’ and if they think it looks no good they don’t stop. We never do this. You never know what you will find.  We almost skipped one that didn’t look quite thrilling enough, but it turns out the woman had been a seamstress and had tons of sewing gear. Since I will be making a pioneer costume for Morgan soon I checked out her reams of material. For $4.00 I scored enough material to make at least 5 costumes.



Treasure indeed.


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