Adventures in beading

Beads galore.

Beads galore.

In early March we took our yearly trek to Florida for a few weeks, to get away from the awful winter. I seem to recall there was at least 5 feet of snow burying all my shrubs in the front garden.

One of our favourite day trips is to St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota. There’s a lovely shopping area, with some very good restaurants, not to mention beautiful beaches. We strolled around the shops before lunch, to work up an appetite. I am very lucky that Pat isn’t one of those husbands that waits impatiently outside the shop, he will come in and actually pick things out for me to try. I think maybe this is his secret way of telling me that I have no sense of style!.

Anyways, we were in this clothing store and at the end of one of the racks there was a display of top and pants. Adorned with the most stunning beaded necklace I have ever seen. I do not wear a lot of jewellery, in fact, I never wear jewellery, costume or otherwise. But I was taken with this particular item. I was wearing a crisp white lacy top, the perfect backdrop for this green and blue necklace. So I tried it on. Yes, it looked great. I took it to the counter, only to discover it was $55.00!! yikes! For a beaded necklace?? I think not. In my younger days I would have died of embarrassment if I declined to purchase it at the cash register, but not now. With age comes wisdom and all other kinds of chutzpah. I had no problem telling the woman what I thought of her lovely overpriced necklace.

We left the store and Pat said, go back in, take a picture and make one for yourself. So I did. A couple of days later we passed a craft shop, so we pulled in. I swear by all that is holy that I spent at least $25.00 on supplies. Later on at the pool, I take out my new supplies and tried to “bead”. Let me tell you it is not that easy. I discovered I had bought the wrong type of string, so we had to go back to the craft supply store. I spent at least another $15.00. So, that’s $40.00 and I still don’t have a necklace!

Lots of trial and error later, I produced a necklace and bracelet which I have worn once or twice, because as I said earlier I’m not much of a one for jewellery!!




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