Dressing the part.

Can't get enough of the bright pink flowers.

Can’t get enough of the bright pink flowers.

Now that I’m selling plants and miniature succulent gardens at the market, I thought I should dress the part. You know…sun hat, skirt, even some jewelry (handmade of course).

One other vendor also only wears skirts and was delighted that I was wearing one, so I decided that skirts would be my official market uniform. Trouble is, I only own two. And one is too tight.

The other vendor said that she buys her skirts at TanJay. I usually don’t shop there because I consider it to be for older ladies. Then I realized, I am an older lady!

So I gave Tanjay chance. They have a great selection and decent prices. I found two that match the tops I already own (winning!). I hunted down my handmade beaded necklace, grabbed a cream top and voila! Oh, and did I mention that it has an elasticated waistband? Nothing looks as good as comfortable feels (is that a saying? It should be!)

Swoon-worthy blouse.

Also, this swoon-worthy blouse. Swoon.


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