Read a book a day

 Before settling in to read exclusively science fiction novels at the age of 18, I enjoyed historical novels, mainly by Jean Plaidy. Doctor in the House comedies, Agatha Chrisitie mysteries and everything Ian Flemming ever wrote. At the age of 17 my parents emigrated to Canada. You would have thought that with all the moving around with the army leading up to that point, that this would not have been a big deal. But it was. I had met a boy six months earlier at the place where we both worked, and was devastated when my parents announced we were going to live in Canada.

I got a job working as a secretary as soon as we landed. I saved all my wages and after six months I had enough for a flight back. I announced to my parents the day after my 18th birthday that I was returning to England. They were devastated. Arrangements were made for me to live with my gramma and off I went.

What has this got to do with reading? Well, my gramma lived in a small mining village with a very small library. Within three months I had read all their Jean Plaidy historicals, all their Ian Flemmings, all their Agatha Christie and all their Doctor in the House Books. I asked the librarian to recommend something and she introduced me to the likes of Sir Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Phil Silverburg, Ron Heinlein, the list goes on and on. The woman knew her science fiction.

I was hooked. Within two years I had read every science fiction book in that library. It was time to move on.

So, the “boy” and I moved to Canada where we were married, and I continued my love affair with science fiction.

What I am I reading today? An excellent novel by Neal Stephenson called “Reamde”. I highly recommend everything he has written to date, “The Baroque Cycle”, “Snow Crash”, “The Diamond Age”, and “Cryptonomicon” to name a few.


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