Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy.

Birthday Boy.

Wine is supposed to get better with age, but after 61 years it’s just vinegar.  Pat, on the other hand has aged extremely well.  He has been an avid footballer since I’ve known him. Usually playing in two different leagues at the same time.

He started coaching youth soccer when our oldest son was eleven right through eighteeen. When that same group of boys joined the men’s league, they were now playing soccer alongside their old coach…who could still run rings round them.

Twenty years later this same group of boy, who are now 37 are playing in the “old-timers” league.  Sometimes, when they are short-handed they let Pat put on a soccer shirt and stand on the field just to make up the numbers.  After last week’s game he told me how great he had played. In his own head maybe!

So, what do you give someone celebrating their 61st birthday? A soccer-themed birthday cake that’s what.




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