5 tips for dealing with weeds. 

Tools for the job.

Tending to my market stall the past couple of months has meant my personal garden has become neglected. Big time. So, today I decided to get do some serious weeding and trimming. These are my top tips for keeping a weed-free garden.

  1. Rain helps. And as luck would have it, it rained last night, so pulling weeds was much easier.
  2. Invest in the tools. There is an art to pulling weeds, especially deep-rooted ones. Unless you get the whole root out, the weed will come back, bigger and stronger. I have a tool for getting down close to the root without disturbing the surrounding soil (the pink-handled one below).
  3. Don’t rush. Stick the tool down into the soil, and gently “tease” the area. Then firmly grip the weed at the base and gently ‘tug’ it out. Take your time, don’t rush, otherwise the tap root will snap off and the weed will come back bigger and stronger.


  4. Mulch! I am a big believer in mulching, so I really don’t have a lot of weeds come through in the first place. It has been about six weeks since the last time I did any weeding. I use jack-pine mulch from the same supplier–Shisler Bros in Sherkston. It has been three years sinceI put this mulch down so I think its time to top-up next spring.

    Looks like I need a fresh layer of mulch

  5. And worms! I never use any kind of fertilizer on my soil, I leave that up to the worms.

Bonus tip: never let your weeds go to seed. One year’s seed = seven years of weeds.

This little guy jumped out of the weeds and then stood stock-still, so I snapped a picture.

Hi there, Hoppy!


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