Baking with Morgan

My protégé

Morgan came over after school last week to bake cupcakes for granddad’s birthday.
She’s old enough to tie on her own apron, and tall enough that she doesn’t need to stand on a stool anymore.

Its useful having a baking protégé, it means I don’t have to bend down to get the supplies out of the cupboards.

I don’t bake from scratch and I don’t have a preference to which cake mix I buy. I think they are basically all the same, especially after they’ve been frosted.

The only thing that Morgan doesn’t like to do is hold the electric mixer. I remember the first time I used one, batter went flying everywhere. My mum was not too impressed.


Morgan is always impatient to frost the cupcakes, 30 minutes takes forever sometimes.

Some for us and some for Morgan to take home.


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