We built our “forever” home 27 years ago. But like everything in life, things change and after only ten years in the house, it was time to move. Pat left his job of 22 years to be an independent mechanic. We needed a bigger garage. A much bigger garage.

We searched for a suitable tenant to rent our ten-year-old forever home and prayed that they wouldn’t trash it. It broke my heart to leave.

Another ten years later things changed again, and we moved back to our forever home. By this time, Pat had become a gentleman farmer. His vegetable garden is a thing of beauty.

But, there was a problem at the new/old back yard: it had two huge pine trees.

As much as we hated to, those trees had to go. We couldn’t put the vegetable garden on the other side of the yard because we have six mature black walnut trees and nothing will grow under those.

Instead of calling in the experts, Pat decided to fell both these trees himself–without telling me. The new chainsaw should have been a clue!

What the?!

One day I heard the saw going and looked out the window to see him well into chopping the first tree down. I grabbed the camera and went flying out to the deck where I had a bird’s eye view. I could see that the tree was going to fall the wrong way but he couldn’t hear me over the noise.

I think this is what the kids call “fail”.

It did fall the wrong way: right onto our fence, into one neighbour’s yard and narrowly missing another neighbour’s shed.


We didn’t really know the neighbours yet, since we had only just moved back into the neighbourhood. What were they going to think? Probably that some English nutters had moved in. Luckily, they weren’t home to witness the mess in their yard and we removed all traces of the fifty foot of pine tree that had landed on their side of the fence.

Seven years later we have a beautiful vegetable garden and shed where the two trees used to be. Oh yes, and we get along great with the neighbours!

Doesn’t give the garden justice.



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