Fall Planters

 Mid-September means switching out my old summer planters for new fall ones. I know it is probably easier to buy a ready-made arrangements and just plop them in, but I like to make my own.

We took a trip to greenhouse country yesterday looking for the best deal on mums. I was looking for small ones, because I like to add a few other type of plants. You can’t do that if you buy the great big ones.

We ended up at Seaway Farms and Garden Centre in Niagara-on-the-lake. They definitely had the best selection and prices. I bought enough mums to do my own planters at home and a few extra to take to the market with me.

On the way home we spotted a table at the side of the road. I decided it would make a perfect potting table for the other side of the house.

I got stuck in early the next morning so I could work in the shade–the weather has been extremely hot and humid the past few weeks and I find I can’t tolerate the heat like I could when I was younger. First order of the day: out with the old (even though they were still in pretty good shape). They went in the composter, so I don’t feel like I have wasted them.

I have quite an assortment of perennial plants that have been going to market with me, so I grabbed a few of those. Pat has been growing cabbage and kale for me, they ended up a bit ratty looking, apparently the butterflies have been feasting on them. I stuff in as many plants as I can, trying for a good mix of colour and texture. The same rule applies here as it does for planting succulent containers: thriller, filler and spiller.

 I re-used the potato vine and creeping jenny out of my summer planters. I didn’t have enough purple leaved plants so I went foraging in the vegetable garden and I found a good sized beetroot with excellent foliage, so I dug that up when Pat wasn’t looking. I also used hosta’s, variegated grass and purple heuchera plants.

 Last but not least, I always stick in a bunch of curly willow branches for some extra height. Some people spray paint theirs, but I like the natural look. Oh, and of course, can’t forget a little whimsy.


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