New Front Door and Porch

The New Door

The New Door

With the recent addition of our brand new garage door, our front door and porch were looking pretty shabby. Time for an upgrade!

The Porch — A Comedy of Errors
There were two layers of peeling paint on the wood that needed to go, so Pat dusted off the pressure washer and I got stuck in. An hour later, my enthusiasm started to wane and only half the deck was finished.

Plus, I learned that pressure washers are a force to be reckoned with:

  • At one point, I got too close with the spray and almost obliterated my left foot.



  • Paint chips flew everywhere and I made an atrocious mess of my front gardens. (I will have to put down another layer of mulch to cover that up.)

    messy, messy, messy

    messy, messy, messy

  • I hosed the paint chips off the concrete sidewalk and ended up with loads of scribble lines where the water blasted the concrete clean.
  • And of course, I got a little overzealous with the sprayer and damaged some of the deck boards. Pat had to replace them.

Pat learned to never let me use a power-tool ever again. This little job of refurbishing the front entrance was turning out to be quite extensive, not to mention expensive. If someone had video-taped this I’m sure I would have won first prize on America’s Funniest Videos.

Pat will never let me do this again

Pat will never let me do this again

I bought some of that re-texturizing paint for decks. Its supposed to fill in the cracks and be slip-proof. Time will tell.

Front Door — Leave That to the Experts!
The door doctor showed up a couple of days early to install the new door and it looks great.


Thank you Door Doctor


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