Visit to Pebble Beach

Bird Rock

The Sea was angry that day my friend

When Pat was a lot younger, he scoffed at people who played golf. He was at the height of his soccer playing career–he had turned down an offer from a semi-professional team in Edmonton, and was training with the Buffalo Blizzards. He never thought that he would ever play golf. (it being a non-contact sport).

Twenty years later, he had a change of heart. He was still playing soccer but not at the same level. On a visit to England, his big brother (whose soccer career was also over) introduced him to golf. He never looked back. He was hooked.

Today, he plays golf, watches golf, dreams golf, and is in fact a golf fanatic.

Golf fanatic

During our recent trip to San Francisco to visit Becky and Betty (daughter & granddaughter) Betty requested we go to the Aquarium at Monterey Bay. Since Pebble Beach is just around the corner, we decided to kill two birds with one stone.

something fishy going on here

something fishy going on here

After entering the 17 mile strip at  the Pacific Grove Gate, we took a leisurely drive, winding our way along the coastline. What a beautiful drive. Peppered along the way are the most gawgeus homes. We stopped at a couple of “photo-opportunity” spots to admire the view.



Finally, we arrive at the entrance to the Pebble Beach Lodge , where you can usually park your vehicle, grab a drink from the bar and wander the eighteenth hole.

But, on this day, there was a golfing event taking place (the Charles Schwabb Cup). No parking available to the public in general, no drinking on the course, no soaking in the atmosphere. We did manage to get past the first guard post and drive by the first two or three holes where golfers were actually teeing off, but that was all.

We were eventually ejected from the Lodge grounds by a very polite security guard, and continued on our way, along the famous 17-mile  drive. It truly is a beautiful drive. If you live in the area I highly recommend that you visit.

Because we still had a few hours of daylight left, Becky suggested we stop at Carmel by-the-Sea, a small village just outside the Carmel Gatehouse exit.  There is a  quaint  shopping district there, quite delightful. We enjoyed  a cup of tea and some baked goodies at a little cafe.  After that, we had a quick stroll round the shops before heading home.

Not exactly what we had planned for the day but a good result nevertheless. “hole-in-one” so to speak.


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