Halloweenie Tree

Halloweenie Tree

Halloweenie Tree

On a trip to buy bread and milk recently, we drove past a Joannes Fabric store with a spectacular Halloween display in the window and discovered that Betty loves all things Halloween. We took a side trip into the store where they have a huge selection of halloween decorations, including a black “twig tree” that she thought would be a great thing to decorate.

100_3213 (1)

twigs galore

The price of the tree was a bit excessive, so I decided that we would make one instead. When we got home, Grandad was sent on a hunting expedition to find a suitable twiggy branch. He takes Sousa for long walks three times a day, so it didn’t take very long for him to come back with a few branches.

All we needed now was some black spray paint and decorations.  Finding small decorations to hang off the tree “branches” proved a tad difficult. We finally ended up with shiny black garland with purple bats, miniature hanging pumpkin ornaments and stickers. We also appropriated one of Becky’s buckets from the front porch for the tree container, and a few rocks to anchor the branch.




  • Give the branch two coats of paint. Wait until completely dry before decorating.
  •  Fill bucket with soil.
  •  Push branch all the way in and secure with rocks around the base.
  • Drape garland around the tree until it looks just right. We had a few tries   and decided that less was more.
  • Hang ornaments.
  • And finally, apply stickers to the pot.

    Presto! Halloweenie Tree


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