Baking with Betty

100_3231 A few weeks ago it was Pat’s birthday and Morgan and I baked cupcakes for him. On our recent visit to my daughter Beckys, myy granddaughter Betty decided that he should celebrate his birthday in San Francisco as well. This is four-year-old-speak for lets bake cupcakes nanajen.

dressing the part

dressing the part


She helped me find all the necessaries for the task at hand, but  I couldn’t find the electric mixer, turns out Becky doesn’t have one

lots and lots of mixing

lots and lots of mixing


I think Betty has made a lot of cupcakes in her time, because as things progressed she was telling ME what to do!

After the first batch came out of the oven, I decided we would run to the grocery store to buy some white frosting. My kids will all tell you that i am not a fan of food colouring, so the blue frosting that was in the kitchen wasn’t going to cut it for me.

When we got back the cupcakes had cooled down enough so we could frost and decorate them.

Nana's favourite part

Nana’s favourite part

After we had decorated 24 cupcakes, Betty decided that it would be very neighbourly to take some round to her friends house. Four-year-old-speak for “now i would like to go on a play date”.

I found a salad bowl with a lid, turned it upside down, arranged some cupcakes, covered it with the bowl, and we went a-calling.

play date offerings

play date offerings


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