Fall Market Display



I love decorating my own front porch for the Fall, so of course that would translate into a fall display at the Market. Also, I felt market-goers needed a bit more selection than succulent planters.

We scoured the local greenhouses for my own personal display at home and bought a few extra to take to the market. I planted them into larger containers with the addition of the perennials from my garden, some gourds and some curly willow.100_2952

Now all I needed was a couple of bales of straw. Sobeys was selling smaller bales which were easy to handle, so I picked up a couple of those. Pat retrieved all my halloween decorations from the garage ceiling. One scarecrow, some bushel baskets, and a few other goodies later, and I was all set.

Even though I did a practice display in the garage, we still went half an hour earlier than usual on Sunday morning to set up. I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to set up, but still spent quite a long time humming and hawing.

I needn’t have worried because the rain kept most of the usual customers at bay and the market wasn’t as busy as usual, so I spent some quality time with my new friend instead.

My friend and me.

My friend and me.


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