Front Porch Repair

Recently we had a new front door installed care of Canadian Door Doctor. I had already power-washed  the front porch for repainting, but the door showed up before I could finish the job.

Over enthusiastic with power tool

Over enthusiastic with power tool

A couple of days after the Door Doctor worked his magic, I gathered all my tools and got stuck in. I expected it to take a couple of days since I had made such a mess of the wood with the pressure washer, and I was not looking forward to fixing it.

100_3142Day One:  Sanding, sanding, and more sanding.  Our belt-sander gave up the ghost after 30 minutes, so I tried doing it by hand.  Half an hour of THAT  and I decided to call around to borrow a power tool. I used a palm sander for the rest of the job. I found it easier to use than the belt sander, I think Black and Decker must have made it with women in mind. This took me the best part of the day, by 2pm my back was killing me and the porch was now in full sun. I soldiered on through the pain and the heat, spent another two hours filling in all the cracks with wood filler and was done for the day.

handy tools

handy tools

Day Two:  Rain, rain and more rain. In fact 24 hours solid.

Day Three:   My wood filler didn’t hold up very good against the previous day’s deluge, so I had to re-do it. I really was getting fed up with the whole thing, all that work and the front still looked terrible.

Too much pressure washing

Messy, messy, messy

Day Four:  Painting, painting, painting. There is a product on the market, Olympic Rescue It Paint,  that is supposed to revitalize worn out wood, and it’s not slippy when it gets wet  What they don’t tell you is that it is like painting with glue, extremely difficult. All the sediment had settled into the bottom of the can. I couldn’t find the power mixer so I had to do it by hand. Finally the paint was ready to be applied and it took some doing. Another long day in the blazing sun.

ooey, gluey

ooey, gluey

Day Five:  Yes, that’s right, it took me five whole days to paint an area 12 x 10 feet. Some areas needed to be spruced up and I also had to paint the facer boards (with regular paint!)  As soon as that was dry I replaced the chairs and table, laid the front door mat,  got a glass of wine and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the world go by.

looking spiffy

looking spiffy

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