Pat’s Produce

time to put the garden to bed

time to put the garden to bed

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that  Pat chopped down two huge pine trees in order to plant his  vegetable garden.

In the six years since then, his veggie garden has grown. A lot. You would think he was feeding a family of ten. We have more than enough for the two of us, so the remainder goes to anyone who sets foot on our property (including the Door Doctor), our co-workers ,and the local food bank, where fresh produce is always welcome.



It’s now that time of year when we have to put the gardens to bed, so he has been busy harvesting all the veggies that are still “on-the-vine” so to speak.

Pat's co-workers

Pat’s co-workers

One of his brussel sprout plants got a little bit out of control, so he “topped” it. We now have an enormous sprout at the top of the plant.

we grow 'em big here in Canada

we grow ’em big here in Canada

Some crops he will leave in the ground and cover with a mobile cold frame (made from old windows he found at the side of the road a few years ago). We live in a Plant Hardiness Zone 6 where the temperature drops below freezing, so it’s pretty amazing that we can still enjoy 2 or 3 types of fresh vegetables thru to January.

Some of these will last until January under the cold frame

Brussels, beets, kale, celery and peppers

He also  dug some trenches for my plants that need over-wintering.  Come market time next June I will have a bumper crop of perennials for sale.

Young perennials

Young perennials

Pretty soon everything will be covered in two to three inches of leaves, and then shortly after that two to three feet of snow. To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn.


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