Crafting with Tomato Cages

Wire is a must have for these trees

Wire is a must-have for this project

Just recently I came across a social media post of a Halloween Tree decoration made out of a tomato cage and it really took my fancy. We had a whole pile of cages behind the shed that Pat has never used, so I thought I would give it a try.

I went to the Dollar Store to stock up on a few supplies.

  • About 15 foot length of seasonal garland
  • Lights

You will also need:

  • Grapevine
  • Tree topper
  • A few basic tools to complete the project

Wire, wire cutters, scissors, glue gun and twist ties

This is how I made Christmas Trees.

  1. Turn the cage upside down and pull the three prongs together and secure with wire.
  2. Starting at the top, secure the end of a length of grapevine and “wrap” the cage with the vine, using wire as you need it. Don’t skimp on this step, your aim is to completely cover the wire cage.
  3. Starting at the bottom wrap the lights around all the way to the top, leaving about three feet before wrapping, using wire where necessary.
  4. Wrap some Christmas garland around, again using wire as needed to secure to  the cage.
  5. I also used white sparkly mesh and gold twig branches  for extra fullness.
  6. As with any Christmas tree, add a topper.
  7. I got better with each tree produced and I found that instead of wrapping the mesh on the outside, pushing it up inside the tree worked better.

    Start to finish

    I took 8 different types of trees to the market on Sunday and sold 6 of them.  So now I am in full production mode.  The possibilities are endless.

    Christmas, Fall, Halloween Zombie

    Christmas, Fall, and Halloween Zombie


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