Fun In the California Sun recently spent two wonderful weeks with our daughter Becky and granddaughter Betty, who live in northern California. Having family that live that far away is sometimes hard when you don’t get to spend time with them more than once a year, but that is life.  After all, Pat and I moved to Canada from England and never looked back

Betty is full of beans and a very accommodating little girl. Getting dressed in the mornings when I asked her what dress she would like me to get out of the closet she would say “I’ll wear whatever you want me to Nana”.  She usually doesn’t like her hair done either, but she would say “you can do my hair however you want Nana”. So I dressed her up just the way I used to dress her mum many moons ago.

its called style

You wouldn’t understand Grandad, its called style

We went swimming every afternoon in the clubhouse pool and most days we had the pool to ourselves. She wowed us with her swimming skills and pretty soon her and granddad had made up this elaborate game that involved throwing balls at the passing shark (granddad). Lots of screaming involved

headed to the pool

headed to the pool

A two-minute walk will get you to the train station, and we used that to go downtown Mountain View a few times for lunch and to shop.

lunch al fresco

lunch al fresco

There is a great used bookstore there and I couldn’t wait to visit it because their science fiction section is one of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. I made a bee-line to the back of the store but it wasn’t there, just a mountain of boxes.  I asked the store clerk where the sci-fi section was and she pointed to the boxes. Just my luck, under renovation. I’d only brought two books with me because I was planning on stocking up.  Its a good job Becky had some books.

On one of our shopping expeditions we discovered that Betty loves Halloween, so we bought some craft supplies to make decorations.  I think she liked exploring all the shops for the supplies best.

Betty crafts a zombie tree

Betty crafts a zombie tree

One of the stores was totally dedicated to all things Halloween with some pretty spooktacular interactive displays.  She said she wasn’t scared, but I could see that she was, so we left. Wouldn’t you know it, a couple of days later she wanted to go back, so we did.

Grandad trying to scare everyone's life off

Grandad trying to scare everyone’s life off

.These are just a few of the highlights of our two weeks with Betty.Good Times.


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