Craft Show Preparations.

In September I decided to embrace the Fall Season at the Fort Erie Farmers Market since plant sales were starting to slow down.  Out came all my own Fall decorations  from the attic, a trip to some area greenhouses to buy some mums, straw bales and cornstalks,  and my stall was looking pretty spiffy.100_3119

Then I saw something on social media that I knew would be a big hit.  Decorated tomato cage trees.

Christmas, Fall, Halloween Zombie

Christmas, Fall, Halloween Zombie

I couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up with demand. I had to turn the garage into a workshop.  When I pointed out to Pat that all my craft supplies fit into one box, he said – stop calling the garage a box!IMG_20151024_191340

The last week of the market someone asked if I would be interested in having a booth at a Christmas Craft show in mid-November, so I thought why not?  I’ve got a few plants left and I can showcase my latest tree creations.

Pat got all the Christmas decorations out of storage, and I went through all the tubs to see what I could use. My family thinks I’m a bit of a nutter  when it  comes to decorating the house for Christmas because I usually go a bit overboard. I knew all those decorations would come in handy one day.

Its a good job my friend Ruth had a ton of old tomato cages that she had no use for because you can’t buy them at this time of year. Pat was in charge of keeping me supplied with grapevine, It literally grows on trees in this area, so no worries there. All I had to do was put them together.

For the whole month of October I have been churning out Christmas wreaths, sleighs, and trees like they were going out of style and as usual I may have gone a bit overboard.

lanterns, sleighs, wreaths and stands

lanterns, sleighs, wreaths and stands

Lets hope this is a well-attended event, because pretty soon we will need to actually park the car in the garage.


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