Christmas Containers in 5 easy steps

I usually don’t make my Christmas urns this early, but I thought I would make a few for the craft show next week. Might as well go with my strengths. Instead of using the typical round container “drop-in”, I decided to use the wooden skid planters we had left over from the Farmers Market.

1 – First things first – gather some fresh greens. 7 years ago I planted quite a few shrubs and evergreens especially for the purpose of making my own planters, including a weeping nootka and a redtwig dogwood.  I also cut some curly willow branches and spray painted them white.

100_3408_Fotor_Collage (2)

Foraged from my garden

2 – Find a good workspace. We are currently experiencing beautiful weather so I was able to work outside at the potting table.  Lots of room to spread out and get stuck in.  100_3408_Fotor_Collage3 – Whether you are planting a round container or an oblong one like this skid planter, the rules are basically the same.  Thriller, filler spiller.  I start at the front with the spiller and work my way to the back adding the filler greens. I used the red twigs and painted curly willow for some height.

4 – The only thing missing from this planter is large pinecones. We only have those long skinny ones in this area and I don’t much care for the look of them, so I added a bow and some sparkly ornaments instead.100_3426_Fotor

I also added in some ice-plant flower heads and some holly until  finally, there was absolutely no room left for anything else.


Not too shabby

5 -If you want it to last thru the winter just make sure the soil doesn’t dry out.  Mine usually last until mid-February, and we live in a Zone 6 with some extremely frigid temperatures.


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