Passion for painting

I have had a lot of hobbies in the last four decades. You name it, I’ve tried it.

One hobby was wood-working.  I sold enough products to buy all new power tools, to make, you guessed it……more product.  I took tole-painting classes so I could decorate everything I made. This particular hobby lasted at least 5 years, so I got pretty good at painting and some of the techniques have stayed with me.

Because of my recent success at the last three craft shows, I have segued my succulent container business into crafts, mainly because I have run out of plants and no-one is buying plants at this time of year anyway. They’re all hibernating in their houses, much like me.

I started making deco-mesh tomato-cage trees (see earlier post)100_3628_Fotor

And then wreaths.5_Fotor_Fotor_Collage

I was already selling planter boxes, made out of  pallets/skids by my hubby12359910_10204219502521691_7356852425435028543_n so when I came across a smaller version that I could use to plant succulents  in at next years Farmers Market, I had him make me some of those. He was dying to use the belt sander recently acquired at a garage sale.



At first, I just stained them and filled them full of candles, pinecones and greenery. Then I decided to jazz things up a little by using a bit of colour and stencilling random words on.

He even made a rustic tree. I stained it and  added some fake greenery, balls and lights. Instant Christmas Tree.


Because I had been spending time at the craft store buying supplies it wasn’t too long before I saw something else I could make…….Weathered wooden signs!!!!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. You’d think I’d just won the lottery. Now, my days are filled with trolling the internet looking for ideas, sanding wood, painting wood. And, last but not least posting everything online, hopefully to sell.

All those painting classed have finally paid off!  This is also the reason I’m not posting anything here, I’m consumed with making more and more signs.


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