Springtime Gardening

Today was the first time I was able to get out and do some spring clean-up in the garden. The forecast is calling for 66% degrees tomorrow, so I will be able to finish up what I started today.

First things first, find the tools!  We are in the middle of a garage re-vamp, so everything is higgle-de-piggle-de. My new favourite garden tool is the leaf blower that I bought last fall. I have always ridiculed people who use the blower, thinking what a waste of time. But I got to tell you, I absolutely love this machine. It is my best friend for getting rid of leaves.

I planted  spring bulbs at the end of the driveway about six years ago, so that would be the first thing I see when I come home. Trouble is, even though I used the leaf blower and got rid of 99% of the leaves in the fall, there is still a dense layer of leaves covering everything, including all my crocus. I have a huge garden in the front, down the side yard and in the back, but I can only do a couple of hours work at a time, so the spring garden by the driveway is where I am going to start.

After blowing all the debris off, I cut back all the old stems. (I don’t do this in the fall, I like to leave everything, first for the birds (seed heads) and second for the winter interest. Snow covered plants look great). Then I just tidied up the area.

I spotted three big bunches of daffodils under a Bridal Wreath Spirea that I have been meaning to move to another location for years. I knew I would be able to dig them up because we have been having unseasonably warm weather and the ground wouldn’t be frozen. The first bunch came out pretty easy, but the second one had roots that were entangled in the Spirea roots and I damaged them in the removal. No matter, next year they will bloom.


I uncovered some pretty juicy earthworms when I was digging up the daffs. Always love to see them, it means I have healthy soil. I never, ever, use chemicals or fertilizer of any kind in my garden beds. Compost and mulch are my mantra.blogs 011

I raked all the leaves up and trundled them round to the composter in the backyard. After all I don’t want them blowing all over the place after I just cleaned them off my beds.

Tomorrow is another day and my back should be recovered by then.



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