Mother’s Day Tree



When we built this house 27 years, money was tight. Three kids, two cats and a dog all took precedence  over any available monies that were left over after paying all the bills. Needless to say the garden took a back seat and we lived with the builders mud pile he left us for two whole years. Wish I had a picture of that to share with you.

I managed to put a bit of money aside in those years, enough to get the front levelled (ten yards of soil needs a bulldozer that’s for sure) and I got a good deal on some sod. We have a hundred foot frontage so that ate up all the “garden fund”. I was happy just to come home to a green front instead of the giant mudpile we had been living with.

And then, on Mother’s Day that same year, my children bought me a magnolia tree!  it was about three feet tall and had six blooms. I was over the moon. I picked the spot, they dug the hole and in it went.

Every year for the next ten years I counted how many blooms it produced, because it was growing so slowly I wanted to make sure that it was actually growing. Then we moved away for the next ten years and I didn’t want to be one of those landlords that showed up every five minutes checking up. The only time we went over was the great ice-storm of 2006. My poor tree, which had grown quite significantly in my absence, was destroyed!

Pat wanted to chop it down (see previous posts about his tree-chopping abilities), but I wouldn’t let him. We pruned all the dead branches off and what we were left with was literally just the tree stump. I was devastated but hopeful, it wouldn’t be the first time I had brought a “dead” plant back to life.

Three years later we moved back and I’m happy to report that the magnolia has become a magnificent specimen and there are way too many blooms for me to count!

If you’re wondering why we call it the Mother’s Day Tree, you would be wrong if you thought it was because my children gave it to me on Mother’s Day. Last year I was telling this story to Morgan, my nine year old granddaughter when she asked me the name of the tree, the tree that she loves to climb by the way. When I was finished she said,  “Nana, you should call it the Mother’s Day Tree”.

There you have it, the harbinger of Spring in the Young household!











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