Trash to Treasure

My better half is always bringing stuff home that he found at the side of the road. I don’t know about other women, but I enjoy a good challenge. Ninety percent of the time I can turn this roadside trash into treasure.

Just recently the Parks and Rec crew from the Town Hall were across the street at the empty lot cutting down trees.  I was home at the time and didn’t even notice. Pat, on the other hand spied the mess when he came home from work and went over for a look-see. he came home with this specimen and wondered what I could do with it.

springtime activities 034

Obviously it was screaming out to become the latest planter in my garden.

First off it needed a base, so Pat got to work.

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Now it is my turn. Fill with loamy soil (I put in some miniature daffodil bulbs first), grab a few plants from the garden, squeeze in as many as you can and voila, latest addition to the patio.

Get the old man to carry it to the bottom of the garden because it weighs a ton.

springtime activities 066

Fiddle about for twenty minutes deciding where to put it.

As this stump decomposes it should provide the plants (all perennials) with nutrients for quite a few years.


Blue grass, black-eyed susan, sedum, forget-me-nots and I have no idea what that spotted leaf one is called. I inherited it from my mother and she didn’t know either!


9 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure

    • Nana Jen says:

      I looked it up (from an earlier post about my ma) it’s called lungwort. I’ve split it so many times, its so easy to grow.


  1. Genbumom says:

    This is so cute! I picked up a stump for $3 at a garage sale last weekend and can’t wait to make something out of it. I’m not sure I thought a planter at first, but I may make it into a tic tac toe “table” for my kids. When it’s done I’m sure I’ll post on my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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