Two-tier plant table

Getting ready for the opening of the farmers market at the  Fort Erie Racetrack in June has been an extremely busy time for us. It was unseasonably cold for the whole month of April. so I had to start everything indoors. I took over the dining room, which had easy access to the deck. Every morning I hauled 15 trays of succulents and about twenty potted arrangements outside, to get some sun, and then brought them back in again every evening.

When the temperatures picked up (the first week of May!), we took everything down to the garden, but it was still too cold at night so they all went into  the two cold-frames in the vegetable garden.springtime activities 106

We also have about one hundred perennials potted up, so keeping all this lot watered was becoming a back-breaking  chore. When the rain barrel ran dry and I had to hike it round to the other side of the house to fetch water from the other barrel my back started to complain. I was going to have to use tap water to save my back. Or was I?

We have two big piles of skids waiting to be turned into rustic wood signs, so I thought we might as well use those to make some tables. When I say we, I really mean Pat. I’m just the designer. One of these days I will get him to show me how to use all the equipment, you know, when we get five minutes to ourselves for some woodworking lessons.

Adding that top part was pure genius on his part as far as I’m concerned. He cranked three of these out in about three hours. Next up, move all the plants and that’s my job.

From the cold-frames to the tables. Watering is going to be so much easier now. Especially since it rained all night and the rain-barrels are  full. Everything is coming up roses!











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