Ballet Recital Time

It’s that time of year again, when little girls and their mommies spend every waking minute at rehearsals.  It’s been a long, long time since this was my daughter and me, altering the costumes to fit snugly, getting the hair and makeup just right, going over all the routines again and again, and then one more time just for the heck of it. I  knew the steps so well I could’ve danced there up on stage with her. In fact, I did one year and  I have to tell you it was absolutely nerve-wracking. As soon as you get on that stage and the lights go on, your legs turn to jelly, you forget the routine and you don’t even know your own name!

My daughter, Becky danced with the Ballet Plus School of Dance and her instructor, otherwise known as “Miss Lorna” was a great teacher and a lovely person. I’m not sure, but I think she is still going strong. Anyways, Becky now has a little ballerina of her own. And, the circle of life goes on.


Betty is the blonde.

My other granddaughter, Morgan, also dances  and when she saw that I was painting ballerina signs she requested a purple one. Apparently, that is her favourite colour.


After posting a couple of pictures on the local buy and sell page and seeing there was a bit of demand, I decided to go whole hog and just do ballerinas for now.

Everything was going swimmingly, and then as usual my impatience took over and I managed to spill half a jar of white paint, over everything. I mean, everything. The sign I was working on, the table, the floor,  and I also managed to pour it all down my front. Brand new top absolutely ruined, not to mention I now have “white-washed” boobs. Sorry, no picture of that!!022

Anyways, good luck to all the little dancers everywhere, may you always find your “spot” on the stage.





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