Not much blooming this week



Second week of June and my garden seems to be in an “in-between” stage. Some flowers are on the way out and others  will arrive next week.002

The irises are still going strong. I like to dead-head the spent blooms for two reasons,     one – tidiness and  two – the plant  spends all it’s energy in the blooms still going strong and not into seed production017016

The weigelias are at different stages. The white one is in full bloom but the pink one is fading fast.003


I have made quite a few new shrubs off the pink and I’m always thrilled when my efforts payoff.

The purple heuchera blossoms  have made an appearance,  I’m not a big fan of them, but the foliage of this one  is great.  I also have some regular old-fashioned coral bells and they make a much prettier flower display, also great for using in floral displays, a filler just like babies breath.


Last year I actually bought a new shrub, an ornamental  black elderberry with pink blossoms. It was well worth it, it is making a stunning display. Unfortunately I haven’t been successful in propagating this beauty.. 010

When I first planted this garden about seven years ago, I had a planting rule. Only white and purple flowers were allowed. I know, crazy right? I have strayed a little bit from that plan and allowed pink in. Here’s what’s going on in the purple department right now, and don’t forget all those irises.


Last, but not least is something that I have been extremely successful at propagating,  and that is my Annabelle hydrangea. It won’t be blooming for another few weeks, but I was excited to see all the buds, because last year they didn’t do well at all. I have about ten of these bushes throughout the garden and they are huge.018

That’s all for now folks, next time I think I will share how I display artifacts in my garden.


5 thoughts on “Not much blooming this week

  1. Autumn says:

    I enjoyed this post and we have quite a few plants in common(I live in London). I think I shall do a similar post today. I am interested in how you propagate your plants. I have never been much good at that. You have a lovely garden.


    • Nana Jen says:

      So glad you enjoyed my post. Growing conditions in southern Ontario are a little different from those in England, so I’m not sure if my propagation method would work. This is what I do. When I pruning my plants I take about ten stalks and stick them in a pot of soil which I keep moist until they “take”. that’s it. no rooting compound or anything special. It works fifty percent of the time. Must be the English in me.

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  2. Nana Jen says:

    I thrashed the heck out of a couple of forsythia shrubs today and it killed me to not do anything with the cuttings. I just have way too much other gardening stuff going on, that watering a couple of pots of cuttings every day would have just been too much.


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