Farmers Market 2016



After months and months of preparation and anticipation on my part, the big day finally  arrived on June 12th, namely, opening day of the Fort Erie Race Track Farmers Market.

This year we decided to buy a tent and move outside where most of the other vendors are. My husband Pat was against this move, citing the weather as being his main objection, but I’m afraid he was over-ruled (by me) and I have to say that, based on one day only,  it was definitely the way to go. There is just so much more activity outside that it felt more like a Market.004Since we had not yet received an assigned spot we went a bit earlier than normal, not knowing what to expect. There was only one other vendor there and at his suggestion we decided to wait until the new Market Manager showed up, I didn’t want to take someone else’s spot. By eight thirty I couldn’t contain myself any longer  and called her on her cell, which thanks to technology I was able to get off an email she had sent a few days earlier. It’s a good job I did because she had been told that vendors usually arrive around ten and wasn’t planning on coming in until nine.

Things finally got them self sorted out and we were able to start setting up. This usually takes at least two hours and the Market opens at eleven, so a little bit of pressure there. I didn’t get chance to take many pictures and the ones that I did take are poor quality but I think you will get the idea.007Pat’s in charge of getting the tent up, with a little help from me. I’m more of a hindrance than anything else, I will blame it on my height!  I also can’t do anything until he has attached the display racks to the tables, so I unpacked everything from the cars and brought it over.

Finally, it’s my turn to roll the sleeves up. Pat took off to pick up some breakfast and much needed cups of tea. By the time he got back I was nearly finished.


Right Side




Left side


I’ve been working on beach-themed signs for two weeks, since Fort Erie is right on the lake and there are a lot of summer residents here in the summer.


I also painted a few flower signs for the plants I would be selling and that worked out well. Plant sales were pretty brisk, so I was pleased with that.

I set myself up a behind the scenes place to sit and eat lunch, but I really didn’t get much chance to go back there.  All in all a great first day at the Market.012

Next week we will have to remember to bring something heavy to hold the tent down, it was pretty windy and got a bit wild there for a time. Some of the other vendors came to my rescue though. So, that’s all good then.

I almost forgot, my horses came in dead last for the first three races. I can sure pick ’em!


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