Flowering in the Garden right now

It has been a very, very hot and dry summer so far.  The water barrels are bone dry and I have had to resort to using the garden hose to water my garden. Even perennials can’t withstand this kind of arid weather. I’m definitely not looking forward to receiving my water bill next month.

Anyways, enough whining and on with the show. Ninety percent of the flowers and shrubs pictured here were propagated by me and I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself. The Shasta daisies have surpassed their usual size and are blooming quite nicely thank you very much.


Two weeks ago


Today, at least one foot taller

I purchased one Annabelle Hydrangea about four years ago and now through propagation I have quite a few of them all over the yard. They seem to be thriving in shade and sun,  so go figure.  The ones pictured here are just over 5 foot tall.013007

Keeping with the white theme are Astillbe, Feverfew and Hostas.  The Hosta leaves have over a one foot span, I think they are called Elephant Ears but don’t hold me to that.

Now for a little bit of colour I have daylilies and some purple heuchera021023

Some of my hens and chicks are flowering and  I usually nip the flower off, but this year I let it go. After the bloom is spent the mother hen will die off, but I bet I can grow some baby succulents off the leaves.043


Looks like that monster off the movie “Aliens”


Last but not least is the birdbath that I planted with succulents this year. This is one of the garden artifacts  that came from my mother’s garden after she passed away 27 years ago. the pedestal was cracked then but it’s still hanging in there.

If we don’t get some serious rain soon there won’t be any blooms to show in August!


2 thoughts on “Flowering in the Garden right now

    • Nana Jen says:

      that would be the succulents Ruth. I wish I could overwinter other varieties but the Canadian winter is too harsh. So, common Hens and Chicks will do for me.


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